children and family go together

Casa Viva is connecting children in need to local families through the local church.
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when children lose their first family, the answer is family

Children experience significant loss when they become separated from their original family.  

In that tender moment, the best place for children is family – real families, healthy families, families engaging on behalf of children in need. For thirteen years, Casa Viva has been actively engaged connecting children to families in Costa Rica. We are also working throughout our region to help others transition their children’s homes or begin new projects caring for children in local families.

We believe family needs to become the first and primary response for children in need.

children need local families to open their front door

Children learn family by being in one. When we welcome children into our homes, not only is their future far brighter, but the family is forever changed as well.

“The time has come for the local church to learn again the ancient art of hospitality – to welcome the guest in the name of Christ. Children know when they have entered the home of a real family – the threshold is a sacred space.”

why Casa Viva is important

Volumes of research are reminding us daily that children grow best in family. Children need an intimate connection with adults, and the safe environment of a home. If we ask and if we listen, we hear children asking us – “When will you find a family for me?” The local church has an amazing opportunity to be the solution for children longing to be welcomed home.

how you can help

Your financial partnership seeds the growth and development of care based in local families through the local church both in Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. 

Your interest in family based care is important to us.