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Casa Viva is uniquely positioned to help your organization care for children through local families and the local church. We can help you expand your current work or start something new. Write us!

We’re looking forward to the dialogue.
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Casa Viva seminars and consulting

Expand Your Spectrum of Care Seminar

Crafted for leaders who either want to transform their current work with children or are about to begin a new project, this workshop explores family reunification, local foster care, and national adoption.


The Camino Casa Viva Professional Development Introductory Course

Designed for local social workers and psychologists, this is an introduction to the theology, theory and practice of implementing family based care for children.

Ministry Consultations

Casa Viva knows and understands the nature of working with children separated from their families. Invite us to your site for a personal ministry design consultation, or initiate a conversation and we’ll decide where to go from there. We’re here to help!