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Designing care solutions for children

Every children’s project is as unique as a child.


No two are alike.
No two need the same thing.

Yours is unique to your story, the project you

designed and built. hope to develop. love and support. lead and direct.

Some projects just need a nudge in the right direction.

Others have somehow lost their way and need a fresh start.

Let us walk with you to navigate a new pathway.

Casa Viva’s 3 Step Transformation Plan



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Let us help you implement the plan.

Our Promise

Casa Viva Solutions promises to walk beside you every step of the way to help you make your project the best it can be.  We promise to share our decades of experience working in children’s homes and in family-based care to give you ideas you can implement.  We promise to act to the best of our ability to see children and families cared for well.

Casa Viva Solutions Testimonies

“We can’t thank Casa Viva enough.  As soon as you left, we started building walls to divide our dorms into family-like homes.  Then we started reuniting children to their own families. Now we’re recruiting local families to bring some of our children into their own homes . . . We feel supported in this work.”  

Cinthia, Paraguay

“Thank you for the dedicated and professional work your team accomplished during your stay in Nicaragua.  Your seminar placed our ministry in the national consciousness and improved our relationship with the government and other organizations.”

 Jaime, Nicaragua

Thank you for the incredibly thorough and detailed report you wrote about (our project).  I think it is very fair and well observed. It’s helpful because you provide several recommendations for addressing some of the issues, as opposed to just listing the things that are wrong.”  

Guillermo, Paraguay

“I stood amazed, seeing the before and after in (our staff member).  So yes, it was beyond beneficial. I would say it was mind changing and life-altering for her.  She is passionate in a way that I could have never related to her in our other trainings. . .”

Misty, Panama

“Seriously you have been super influential for us.”

Joe, Mexico

“(We were) encouraged to approach the situation with prayer and thoughtfulness in regards to a long term highly trusted mature team on the ground that was built around a family approach to orphan care that utilized the local Body of Christ.”

Chris, Mexico

“We are appreciative that Pastor Arturo took time to come to Honduras and participate in our conference . . . His participation was a great success, and there were immediate results . . . It is a great blessing to count with your support.”

Jorge, Honduras

“Can Sonia stay?”

Damaris, Paraguay

“Today was (our two staff members) first day back in the office and they are beaming!”

Alycia, Guatemala

“Regarding the seminar, . . . it was truly life-changing for (our staff member).  But she had never truly seen (foster care) in action until she went to your seminar.  Seeing it firsthand totally changed her perspective. She came back and had a new light in her eyes for foster care and Jesus. . . It was awesome.  I was so beyond ecstatic. . .” 

Misty, Panama

Casa Viva Solutions – Creating Your Plan

Your personalized plan might include some of these services.

Reimagining Services

Helping leaders of existing projects consider a new path forward.

Kickstarting Services

Helping leaders of new start-up projects place children in families.

Onsite Evaluations

Letting you hear an outside expert’s opinion of your work.

Trainings at Your Site

Helping your staff focus on what’s most important for children.

Trainings in Costa Rica

Giving  your team a vision and the tools to make it a reality.

Mentoring Services

Walking alongside you as you walk forward.

Meet Our Training and Consulting Team

Arturo Barrientos

Arturo Barrientos

Development Director

A missionary and pastor, foster care changed his life

Hazel Cedeño

Hazel Cedeño

Casa Viva Solutions Director

Marketing expert turned children’s home director

Jill Aspegren

Jill Aspegren

Director, Greenhouse

An educator with a passion for children and family

Marcela Torres

Marcela Torres

National Coordinator, Holistic Care

Organizational management, psychology and a heart for God

Phil Aspegren

Phil Aspegren

General Director

Combining business with caring for children and families

Sonia Barrientos

Sonia Barrientos

Director, Holistic Care

A premiere Latin American trainer on at-risk children

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