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Casa Viva Costa Rica

Ten years ago we started with one family from one church. We asked the local family if they would be willing to care for one child in their home. That single act set in motion a movement in the country of Costa Rica – countless stories of miracles, transformation and healing while also navigating the harsh realities of broken families and hurting children.

We know that family is where children need to be, and we are committed to seeing this solution become the first and primary response.




The Casa Viva Way

we support our casa viva families with a professional staff and a wide caregiving community of church coordinators and volunteers

we connect children to local families through the local church

we partner with the local government

we pursue the best interests of children

Casa Viva believes we need solutions deep and wide enough to last generations.

We have learned that the solution for children already exists. It was planted in the land long ago. If local families and communities are called forth, the care landscape will be impacted for years to come. The truth is, we need children. They bring the world life and wonder, they ask questions and surprise us with joy. The time is now to gather the children and bring them back home.